Sunday, May 13, 2007

What I did with my weekend

First, I know that there have been more non-writing posts than writing posts lately, which is really a reflection of the current state of things. *shrug*

So onto another non-writing post.

I took a running lesson this weekend. I know it sounds odd, as we all "know" how to run, but after complaints from a knee, I thought I better examine my biomechanics. Anyway, for anyone who is interested in such things, it was awesome! I took a Chirunning seminar*, and it really helped isolate so of my more problematic form issues. My instructor is a trail runner/marathoner, who was helpful, patient, and quite articulate. I really couldn't be happier. So, here's to me running and NOT hurting my knees. *grin*

*As a note, I rarely think seminars are that useful, but this was a totally different experience for me.

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writtenwyrdd said...

This sounds like an excellent thing to have attended. I ran for years (track, in the military) and destroyed my left knee cartilege. I can't run any longer and I wish I'd known a few things about running properly before it was too late.