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January 14
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I got this nice note from the Writers of the Future contest:

"Dear Contestant,

Your story arrived and has been entered in the 1st quarter 2008 competition. We will have results in the next 8 to 10 weeks. Winners will be notified personally and the results posted on our blog, which you can access through our web site which is Good luck!!
Best, Joni Labaqui - Director"

Honestly, that was a nice note to get. I didn't even submit via the Web, they pulled my address off of my submission form.

It was strange to me that I was so please about getting this, but I think it really points to the nature of the publishing business. As in, I feel respected as a writer, which is nice. Maybe I am just in a winter blues cycle, but I don't feel like most agents or editors are very kind (sorry). I have run into some really great agents and editors, but for the most part the industry personality is terse and cold.

After that bit of less than positive attitude, I give you some great editors that I think are supportive and kind in their responses (this is in no way a comprehensive list, so please add to it for me):

  • JJA (whose timely responses and rejectomancy fun are always appreciated)
  • Sean Melican (who wrote me a really nice critique)
  • Eric Marin (timely, nice, and professional)

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