Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trying to galvanize the troops

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On writing:

I am still waiting on the last reader, but I feel really good about the new short. I am entering it in a contest, so wish me luck.

On writers:

I am working with my local writers association (Pacific Northwest Writers Association) to start a writer discussion group. I just contacted a great independent book seller here in Seattle to see if they would be willing to let us hold our meetings at their store. I really hope this all works out, as I truely believe that writers need to support each other.

When I was at the writer's conference this summer, I realized how little writer community there is in the Northwest, which is sad considering how many writers there are in these parts. The other thing that really struck me was how much writers worship at the foot of editors and agents. Don't get me wrong, they do great (and difficult) work, but without writers, they have no industry. Still, I saw so many writer debasing themselves in front of these people. I want to start a positive writer community that really focuses on us, the writers, as artists and valuable members of the publishing world (as opposed to the unwashed masses that so many writers see themselves as in this world).


Carolyn Jean said...

That sounds great - good for you to start something like that. I don't know how writers function without critique and discussion groups, though a bad one is worse than none. So maybe I'm lucky with what I have here in Mpls.

Anyway, I'm enjoying your blog. Your dog is totally cute!

Andrew said...

Let me know what happens. I'm on the Eastside. There were some threads on the NaNoWriMo site about starting some groups but I haven't heard much. With as many writers out here as there are, we should communicate more.

Nicole Kelly said...

Carolyn Jean:

I definitely don't know what I would do without a critique group. I think I would just get lost.


We will be starting something soon; it's all about finding a location. I will definitely tell you as soon as we know anything.