Friday, September 14, 2007

Confessions of an editor (and writer)

  • I can never remember if it is congradualations or congratulations. I look it up every time.

  • Lay, lie, lying ... it's best to let cranky editors lie ... or is that lay ...

  • I abuse semicolons.

  • I am scared of colons.

  • I leave words out ALL the time.

  • I put the wrong word more often than I like to admit. ;-)

  • When I need to edit, I procrastinate by writing.

  • When I need to write, I procrastinate by editing.

  • Spell check is my friend.

  • Cut and Paste is my enemy (it is only in combo that I really get into trouble).

  • Style? Isn't that a magazine.

  • I still can't figure out when to use a dash to any good end (but I do hate them).

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