Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In writing news ...

I submitted my writing to my first literary contest (not counting the ones I entered in high school). The contest is run by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, which I am a member of, and I entered in the novel category (subcategory-science fiction and fantasy).

I chose to send them Continuum, which was a hard choice for me. I really wanted to send them G project( aka Gibbons), too, but I couldn't get it together in time--it is all about my synopsis avoidance problem.

So cross your fingers, and wish me luck!


Nic said...

Good luck!


Mr. Smoot said...

How can you avoid the synopsis? Isn't that the shortest part of the whole deal?

Good for you for entering the competition. No matter how it comes out, the experience will only help you to refine things, be it style, plot, or content. Sure, your friends will happily provide feedback, but impartial judges are a great indicator of where you are.