Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Deer Channel

My job takes me to the most fascinating corners of the Web. Today I present ... wait for it ... The Deer Channel! Yup, it exists. So get past the first little infomercial (deer here), and it's on to the deer madness. Of course, if you subscribe you get much much more than the deer montage that is freely available to the general public. Subscribers also get 24/7 access to watching those there deer.

To summarize I give you a quote from their FAQ.

Q: The deer [in the videos] are Texas deer. I am in South Carolina. I do not see the relevance.

A: Some might argue that unless the footage comes from a buck he's actually pursuing, it's of no relevance to him. In truth, there's plenty to learn from a big whitetail, regardless of where he lives. While a buck in South Carolina and one in Alberta don't lead exactly the same life, 4 decades of hunting whitetails from Canada to Mexico has taught us that they're all wired pretty much the same. They share instincts and behaviors common to all members of the species. We can observe a buck in one location and from that make some fundamental judgments about bucks everywhere.

1 comment:

Mr. Smoot said...

Ha! Next it'll be the Ted Nugent Channel for the deer.

"Now, young bucks...see over that looks like a beaver tail. Be careful, though, that's what the humans call a 'mullet' and many hunters have them. Always keep the mullet in front of you. Don't ever turn your back on a mullet...."