Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Valentine Du Jour
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The photo is of a performer I know in Seattle. She goes under the stage name of Valentine du Jour. I love this shot, because she looks so strong and playful.

This past weekend was my birthday. :-) Of course, I thought a lot about where I am heading with my writing (among other things). I often get this feeling like I need to be published already, or maybe I should be published. I have spent the week really questioning this issue. As writers, I think we place all of our validation on being published. It is something we can show our friends and family. It is a way of proving that we are not wasting our time on dream that cannot be fulfilled.

So, just to start my 33rd year off right, I say this, "I write to write."


writtenwyrdd said...

I certainly don't write for the money, and I don't care for public attention at all, so it isn't for the possibility of fame, either.

I don't crave being published, and I don't need to be published; I'd just like the validation it would provide my lil' old ego.

writtenwyrdd said...

BTW, happy birthday!

Nicole Kelly said...


Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Yeah, it would be nice to be recognized for my work. But when I get focused on sales, I am not a happy camper. I have also noticed that my writing is better and more compelling when I am just focused on writing. Maybe that's because I am not thinking (somewhere in my noggin) about if this story would sell; I just write what I want to write.