Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Editor Geekery

As most of you know, I work as a technical editor at a big company here in the great Northwest. So I spend most of my days arguing minute points of grammar and the like. Now, I've decided to share my favorite finding with you all. I'll call the posts, "Editor Geekery," and I hope you all enjoy (but don't edit) them! ;-)

Below vs. Under

Under and Below can be used interchangeably, for the most part.

Now that, that is said. Under is more specific than below, indicating a vertical relationship between objects. While below references anything that is at a lower place, but does not require that it be lined up.

There are, of course, many little rules that allow for the two to be reversed, but as a whole this is the way it is for most of their usages.

Under is the antonym of over. Below is the antonym of above.

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writtenwyrdd said...

Funny that you have to argue this with people. It seems so obvious to moi, the English major, lol.

It's these little things that brighten your days, no doubt.