Friday, August 3, 2007

Clarion West

I was recently looking into science fiction and fantasy writer seminars and workshops, and I ran across the Clarion workshops, again. I run into this seminar, boot camp, writer heaven every couple of months while looking for cool writer retreats, etc. Here's my question though, who has time to take six weeks off of work? And if you could take that time off, who could move into a dorm for that time? I don't and can't, so I just never get to go check it out, which totally bums me out. Not only is it a great workshop, but its name will carry you far into the industry.

I know I'm whining, but I feel a bit down today about it all. Trying to build two careers simultaneously is feeling more and more daunting. Maybe next year I can make it to Orson Scott Card's writer boot camp; it also has a good name in the industry and is supposedly amazing.


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writtenwyrdd said...

I hear ya. For the first time in my life, I just got 4 weeks. I'll never, ever get six unless I plan to be jobless.