Friday, June 22, 2007

Finalists announced

As it was, I didn't make the cut this year, but a big shout out to those who did! On a personal note, I can't wait to get my critiques back from the judges.

The thing that surprised me about this contest; I thought this was an amateur contest, as in only unpublished authors. Apparently not so, as at least one of the finalists in my category appears to have a book out. No, it's not sour grapes, but I'm still surprised, as the major prize at this conference (very small cash prizes) is meeting editors and agents.

Why do you think, is it a good practice to toss amateurs and professional writers in the same ring? Does it just sharpen our young claws, or push us out of the way of potential breaks into the industry?


Bernita said...

My reaction is short and not sweet.
I don't like it.

writtenwyrdd said...

I'd have to side with bernita on this one. Not fair to mix published with unpublished in a contest. Of course it could be that the publication was post submission to the contest. But considering publishing times, I rather doubt it.

Nicole Kelly said...

Truth be told, it really irks me. Published writers have many more resources available to them than unpublished writers. The books I saw were published well before the contest.

It's really hard to break into this business, so I find it frustrating that they chose to reward those with the privilege of editors rather than those who are still without such luxuries.

writtenwyrdd said...

btw, just nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award. Just a little incentive for more of those writer's logic error posts!